a STARR is born!



STARR Rum is an award-winning, field to bottle, single estate rum made exclusively from sugarcane grown, distilled, aged, blended and bottled on site in the African Island Paradise of Mauritius. STARR is unique among the great rums of the world. STARR’s unexpected flavor originates in the islands rich, volcanic soil and reflects the vivacity of its African roots. Desirable for its naturally occurring vanilla note, STARR is further distinguished in style from a typical French Caribbean Rum. STARR is an oak aged molasses rum (not “rhum agricole”) noteworthy for its subtlety and its approachable, easy nature. STARR Rum is handmade, all natural and gluten free, with no artificial flavoring agents and absolutely zero sugar of any form added to the rum after distillation.



It is somewhat rare to find a field to bottle, single estate rum. STARR Rum is distilled, aged, blended and bottled onsite from molasses, made from sugarcane grown on the estate. In essence, STARR is a taste of one small corner of paradise. Grown on the slope of a volcano, the sugarcane fields stretch across super mineral rich volcanic soil, and are met on the other side by fresh ocean breezes. Further enhancing the terroir, is the inimitable fresh, wild vanilla—which grows only here, in the Vanilla Islands—and which bathes the growing cane in its fragrant aroma.


oak aged

STARR is an unusually soft and subtle rum, due to its refined distillation and extensive oak aging. Our distillation yields a thinner, lighter rum that is less viscous, or syrupy, and without a hint of funk.

After distillation the rum goes through extensive aging in oak casks—including former whiskey and bourbon casks. The resulting rum is unbelievable smooth, subtle and alluring.



STARR Rum is handmade, all natural and gluten free—with no artificial flavoring agents and absolutely zero sugar of any form added to the rum after distillation.

STARR Rum is distilled from molasses made from sugarcane. These sugars are converted to alcohol in the distillation process.

No additional sugar of any form is added to the rum after distillation (typically molasses or caramel), leaving ZERO SUGAR and ZERO CARBS in a bottle of STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum.



STARR Rum is committed to protecting and preserving the environment at home in Mauritius and around the world.  Our operations in Mauritius have long practiced responsible stewardship of the land, including sustainable growing, harvesting and distilling techniques—ensuring precious resources and our pristine island environment are preserved for future generations!

The Island of Mauritius is even now exploring an initiative to make the entire island organic.

Additionally, STARR is onboard for the digital future, and is committed to minimizing all unnecessary paper, plastic or other material use for informational and/or promotional purposes.



Our distillery likes to do things the old fashioned way—like cutting the sugarcane by hand for peak freshness and quality.

And sometimes old is new—like utilizing energy generated while burning the cane during the sugar extraction to power the distillery process since 1926.

During the harvest season, the distillery generates enough electricity to give power back to the local grid—reducing the country’s overall carbon footprint and the cost of electricity for local consumers.



STARR is a proud NEPAD (NEW ECONOMIC PARNTERS FOR AFRICAN DEVELOPEMENT) member. STARR is further committed to providing equal opportunities for women and all working people, across our production operations, supply partners, throughout Africa and everywhere we sell STARR Rum.



STARR Rum was created specifically to bring STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum to the U.S. Market. Unrivaled in its category for smoothness and subtlety, STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum is the ultimate opportunity to upgrade your Mojito or Classic Daiquiri! That said, we couldn’t be more proud of our darker, oak-ier expression, the limitedly available STARR 7 Year Oak Aged Rum.


STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum

STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum is a light molasses rum featuring a cherry and cardamom base with hints of citrus, nutmeg and vanilla. It is a blend of barrelings aged in oak. After the final blend is ready, the rum is charcoal filtered, removing any impurities and resulting in a clean, clear spirit. Unrivaled for smoothness and subtlety amongst light rums of the world, STARR is an extremely approachable and easy-drinking light rum. STARR Ultra Superior Light Rum is delightful on the rocks, in the ultimate STARR Mojito, Classic Daiquiri, with ginger beer, or in your favorite skinny cocktail with 0 Sugar, 0 Carbs and only 60 cal per 1oz serving of STARR.

Superb/Highly Recommended (90-95) “Chic, racy and delicious.” Wine Enthusiast

“Gold Medal” International Cane & Spirits Festival - Ybor City, Florida


STARR 7 Year Oak Aged Rum

STARR 7 Year Oak Aged Rum has a rich, full flavor that features oak, vanilla, caramel, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is a blend of barrelings aged to perfection in oak for an average of 7 years. Similar flavors resonate from the the light expression but are deeper and more concentrated. This expression allows the oak to sing—and harkens to the great whiskeys and bourbons of the world—while featuring a fruitier, more tropical palate with notes of baking spices. STARR 7 Year Oak Aged Rum is a limitedly available item best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a fine cocktail such as the Mauritian Manhattan or the STARR Old Fashioned!

94 Points “Lip-smacking bottling.” Wine Enthusiast

“Double Gold Medal” New York World Wine & Spirits Competition