fair labor, fair trade.


STARR Rum is an award-winning, field to bottle, single estate rum made by hand from sugarcane grown, distilled, oak aged, blended and bottled responsibly on site on the African Island Paradise of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, 1,000 miles East of Madagascar.

Nearly 100 years in operation, STARR Rum was created in 2005 under the New Economic Partners for African Development initiative of the African Union to bring these exceptionally smooth, approachable, easy drinking rums for the first time ever into the United States and beyond as 100% Made in Africa—Fair Labor, Fair Trade Goods. Furthermore, STARR’s operations in Mauritius utilize sustainable practices and are committed to preserving the pristine island environment at home and across the globe.

Our one of a kind custom bottles are manufactured by master craftsmen in South Africa. The bottle design was inspired by Art Deco bottles used to smuggle spirits as “perfume” from France into the United States during prohibition—and which resemble the distinct pyramid shape of our famous volcano on the island.




STARR Rum is committed to protecting and preserving the environment at home in Mauritius and around the world.  Our operations in Mauritius have long practiced responsible stewardship of the land, including sustainable growing, harvesting and distilling techniques—ensuring precious resources and our pristine island environment are preserved for future generations!

Sometimes old is new—since 1926 our distillery has utllized energy generated while burning the cane during the sugar extraction to power the distillery operations.

During the harvest season, the distillery generates enough electricity to give back to the local grid—reducing the country’s overall carbon footprint and the cost of electricity for local consumers.



STARR Rum is invested in our communities—in Mauritius and around the world. STARR donates the majority of our promotional cases to various non-profit organizations. Furthermore, STARR Rum has pledged to to donate a percentage of profits to help foster economic growth through Africa and, in particular, to help African Women across the continent to start their own business.

Additionally, STARR Rum has had extensive partnerships with groups like Global Citizen (globalcitizen.org), whose goal is to eliminate global poverty through thoughtful and targeted programs.


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